1. abeiramar:

    I know one of Tenma’s college classmates said Tenma had weak family bonds but I interpret it differently and I think I now understand what happened.

    Tenma must have loved his brother very much and you had a very strong connection with him.

    However, while Tenma was successful, his brother was…

    ACK! I know it was only one light hearted line, and the rest of the post had to do with Tenma and his brother’s relationship.  I apologize for being unable to focus on all the interesting and insightful things being said about Tenma.  However, when I read “FUK U SIS, SEE YOU IN TEN YEARS,” I couldn’t stand the thought of Johan ever saying that to his sister.  Here’s a rather lengthy theory of why I think he actually left her (Of course, it’s a theory which doesn’t automatically make me right.  All of the below could be wrong, and FUK U SIS, SEE YOU IN TEN YEARS could be right.):

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure Nina was the one—judging by her extreme fear of him and inability to forgive him—who gave Johan little choice but to leave.  I think Johan could see that Anna/Nina was happy with one set of foster parents, too.  He did have the ability to let her go for at least 10 years, which impresses me tremendously.  I think the reasoning he left is very likely just that simple. 

    I think he had a feeling she’d grow up having what both he and she were supposed to have from the start—loving parents and an idyllic, peaceful lifestyle.  Unfortunately, he also had no problem brutally murdering her foster parents later on, since if they were going to reunite, she would eventually find out he was THE infamous German serial killer, right?

    What better way to remind her of the “monster inside” her brother than to kill the foster parents he didn’t bother nor care to get to know for 10 years and build a special relationship with like Nina did?

    I don’t think was saying FUK U to Nina, but he did want to give her an ultimatum such as, “I left to give you enough time to make up your mind (about her initially horrible impression of her brother), and you’re out of time.  Since you never bothered to look for me, I had to come look for you…  

    ..Now I am forcing you to choose to either come with me and stay with me even though I am corrupted; you can run away, and I can follow you over and over again like a ghost haunting you and everyone around you; or I can run away from you, and let you chase me and kill me.  It’ll be just like the games we used to play when we had no parents, we were nameless, and we felt like the only two people left in the world.”  

    Ironically, it seems that somehow after being separated from his sister for so long, he rationalized that he became the most “corrupted” because he was the one most unwanted by their mother.  All I can say is that somehow after being separated for 10 years the siblings had a memory switch.  I KNOW Johan did not mean for that to happen nor did he plan that on purpose.  

    However, I can say is he’s a cruel Indian Giver, and he cannot seem to give only take.  At that point he killed her foster parents and likely even long before then, he actually believed he was supposed to be THE monster for both him and Nina (later on he even thought he was supposed to be THE monster for him, Nina, AND his mother) even if she didn’t want it, and he wasn’t apologizing for it either (*Ahem,* not that he was apologizing for it before.)  

    Even though all of that makes it seem like he’s saying FUK U to his sister, his mother, and everyone on the planet, he’s not really trying to do it on purpose to Nina or Anna (his mother) even.  I’m pretty sure he sort of thought it was for her own good to take her foster parents away at age 20, though—AKA the age where you’re supposedly not supposed to live with your “parents” anymore—as twisted as that sounds.