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  3. Some of the harder to read lines are:
"It’s Friday, Friday…best day of the week!"
"tree house club"
"American Girl Face"
"OMG handwriting!"
"Best side profile!"

    Some of the harder to read lines are:

    "It’s Friday, Friday…best day of the week!"

    "tree house club"

    "American Girl Face"

    "OMG handwriting!"

    "Best side profile!"

  4. So, here’s a set of photos for the show called Samurai Jack and it shows Jack fighting Aku.  Aku is some evil shape-shifting demon that for a lack of a better description kind of makes me think of Vlad the Impaler or something along those lines.  The story is about a young prince whose father’s empire in Feudal Japan gets destroyed by the demon Aku.  

    Whilst the boy is able to escape alive, he sets off on an arduous journey around the world in order to train himself to become a legendary swordsman for pretty obvious reasons aka revenge.  Using his father’s magic katana, he becomes so skillful that Aku nearly gets defeated, but then out of desperation, Aku flings the poor man into the future through some twilight zone swirly portal thing straight into a dark and bleak dystopia ruled by Aku himself.  

    Now is it just me or can anybody see some nifty parallels between Samurai Jack and Monster? Yes? No? Well, you know, Samurai Jack himself reminds me of Kenzou Tenma in general at least personality wise—I sure can’t say Tenma is a swordsman from the distant past—but he does have his scalpel and medical tools he can use to dismantle evil!

    Heck, some of the themes of the shows probably go hand in hand with each other as well even if Aku is a pretty juvenile villain.  Then again…Johan…is juvenile in ways even though he easily acts like he’s twice his age.  But I look at Johan…and I wonder if he isn’t similar to a demon who was born yesterday.  I mean, Johan just can’t fool anybody anymore now that we *think* we know the truth.

  5. toongal said: Johan. Apples. XDDDDD



    Once upon a time, Johan asked if Tenma finally understood what Johan meant when he said that, “All lives are only equal in death?” Tenma’s only response was keeping his gun pointed at Johan.  Johan then proceeded to point at his forehead as he beckoned Tenma to shoot…

    *Ahem,* earlier, I wrote in a comment on my-bloody-ear that in a way, Tenma would be like the “parent” who would make the finite choice to end Johan’s bloody terror once and for all like a “good parent” should.  I said that perhaps if Tenma was unhappy with the decision he had made, he could always take his own life to make amends.  Yeah, crazy, right?… 

    So what if Johan really did think that it was his duty to make Tenma see that if he didn’t like what he had done, he could just wipe all the bad memories by taking a gun to his own head? What if Johan was insinuating that Tenma was an admirable person who was doing the right thing no matter what he did, but if Tenma couldn’t appreciate it, he would undeniably choose death? Or rather maybe he’s insinuating a “good parent” who would shoot or abandon his/her “child” should probably kill themselves anyway… 

    In general, it seems like Johan believed that it made more sense people would choose death instead of life, since death was the only means of truly undoing or erasing the memory of things they had done at what the individual saw was his/her lowest, treacherous, or most humiliating point—nothing else.  I think he pretty much acknowledged something along this line when he said he was trying to make everybody go to the same “place.”

    What if he believed he had a chance of getting Tenma to willingly go to this same “place” or same “side,” too? So, Johan kept standing in front of the “beginning” of every potential loophole Tenma could find in order to escape shooting Johan, and Johan kept standing at the “end” of every potential loophole Tenma could find—sort of like that tank man who stood in front of a line of tanks at Tiananmen Square everywhere it went.  So, it was Johan’s intention to keep doing so until Tenma finally gave into his desperate plan, right? 

    However, there’s a possibility that seeing Tenma seriously look like he was going to shoot Johan made him a little troubled/anxious/concerned (AKA the infamous puppy dog look) at what he was making Tenma do.  I think you could almost say that Johan all of a sudden for a split second knew that being shot by Tenma would hurt him in the most unimaginable way of all kind of like being shot by a real parent or run over by a real tank.  I think for a split second he really wasn’t sure if he wanted or didn’t want to cause this kind of pain to anybody or anything including himself. 

    Then all of a sudden…WHAM! Wim’s father put an end to the endless cycle of torture and harassment for both of them regardless of whichever individual was most responsible for causing it.  Wim’s father saw Johan instantaneously as a horrendous monster because he was pointing a gun at his son and that was that. 

    I guess, in my opinion, the ending isn’t much of a cop out at all, since Johan’s insistence on Tenma shooting him to prove, “All lives are equal only in death,” turned out to be a more and more forced and unnecessary manipulative tactic to pressure further injustice done to everyone else who knew him to possibly go kill themselves. 

    I think Nina all of a sudden going out of her way to forgive Johan’s treachery made him openly acknowledge that it was unnecessary to concoct such a tremendous force of pressure all along, but it was too late to turn things around nor did he want to live any longer.

  7. toongal:


    idk man, I think you’re focusing on the surface of Eva while giving little focus to what could be happening inside and relying on her words too much. I love Eva a lot but the words she says aren’t entirely reliable. She says one thing and feels something else. That’s a big facet of her personality. Not to mention that her temper seems pretty unhinged when she’s been drinking.

    Though, I do think you’re right in that she does genuinely share her father’s ethics. I do believe that she had deep respect for her father and part of that is also respecting his beliefs and taking them on seriously. Yes she has a hard time understanding Tenma’s decision and yes she still believes that ‘All lives are not equal’. Personally, I have a hard time understanding that myself, but I can see that it’s a part of Heinemann’s very business-oriented sense.

    However, I seriously disagree that having Tenma at her command was a large reason for her being so obsessed with him! That’s too cynical. She contradicts what she says with what she does many times (Not to mention she’s under the influence of alcohol at those times). It’s pretty obvious. When she says things like:

    I think there is some truth to those words. She did like Tenma’s submissiveness but there’s more to it than that. Right here she’s just taking the truth and blowing it out of proportion. Why?

    1. Because she’s angry and the embarassed that the gardener implied that she’s still in love with Tenma
    2. She’s an angry and emotional drunk and alcoholism is p serious business yo

    I tell you the reason why she is so fixated on Tenma. It’s because she doesn’t really respect herself much. It all comes out when she and Tenma are both sharing coffee.

    I agree with the assessment that she defines herself by the men she’s around. Growing up, it was her father and she continued to be all the way up until his death. I think this is why she so decisively broke it off with Tenma (Because it was the right thing to do in her mind at the time).

    When he died, I think she felt very lost and that’s a reason why she tried to go back to Tenma. Despite her decision, I think at that time she still had a genuine emotional attachment to him that she kept under lock. Not to mention that she is well aware of how mean and spiteful she can be. That Tenma is able “to put up with it” (I honestly think that’s how she sees it) means he’s someone special who realizes the complex woman underneath. Her father was probably the same way — someone who understood her and respected her for being who she was. This scene struck me because it made me think of a child crying out for their mother. She’s angry that Tenma ‘ruined her life’ but she’s also wants his love and approval. Her feelings for him are very complex.

    I think the scene where they’re having coffee is where Eva finally puts to rest the idea that Tenma is going to sweep her off her feet and fix her problems. They’ve both changed too much for that.

    I tend to be cynical with Eva, since she embodies a lot of things I don’t like about the rich. :P And she hurt the sparkling unicorn man woobie. Furthermore, I have difficulty understanding why she dropped the engagement without viewing it in terms of her having social-climbing tendencies and wanting to live in (even more) luxury. She loved and respected her father, sure, but I don’t think there was much of a conflict between the two over Tenma and any pressure she may have felt from her father seemed to be accompanied by her own interests. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me. XD


    Those feelings, however, seemed to be based a lot on him being at her command. (However, I will say that I think she realized by the end that underlying that reason was a desire to feel like she’s worth something.)

    Which goes along with much of what you said, basically. Maybe I should have been clearer on this, but I believe her primary problem was conflating status and power with love and materialism with happiness. (I believe I’ve stated this opinion in an older post somewhere.) She didn’t believe she was worth anything without having status, power, wealth, and a man wrapped around her finger. It was only over the course of the story that she began to consciously realize that what Tenma really offered her was unconditional love…which she screwed up by not reciprocating. She was angry with herself because deep down, she knew she ruined her own life and that her treatment of Tenma along with his refusal to take her back brought up questions about her worth as a person. She tried to protect herself from this by blaming Tenma and taking out revenge on him. Thus, we get the drunken Eva we all know and hate love tolerate…today.

    When Eva’s life began to fall apart after her father died, she may have regretted not having a real chance at getting back with Tenma.  She probably got way more desperate and afraid at that time.  

    I think she treated the engagement matter too lightly.   I think that if she and Tenma had been married and he disobeyed her father then, maybe she would have been less likely to throw their relationship away if their bond was sealed by a wedding vow.  I think she had already felt as though they were already married in a way, so she felt even more guilty for rejecting Tenma.

    It seemed like Eva wanted to blame the whole cosmos for not sealing their relationship in time, since the wedding was supposed to be that happy moment witnessed by all their friends and family or at least anybody who cared.  

    Since Eva can be a considerably fickle person, she would need something that would motivate her to be true to her word until the very end of time.  Since Eva can also be a rather hot-blooded person, she would need strong justification that other people, not just her father, did in fact care about her.

    A wedding with her father still alive to see it happen maybe would have been that thing that would have likely aligned the couple closer rather than apart/helped to seal the deal/serve as justification that other people cared about her all in one.  

    I would think Eva would deep down believe in things like that because she chose Tenma and he chose her.  I think she would have had something to prove to Tenma, and she was angry she didn’t feel more bounded to him or he didn’t feel more bounded to her.    

    Eva regretted that she made the choice to push such a man like Tenma away, since she let her father influence her decisions to a large degree.  I think she was in some denial that it was her father who influenced her decision that much, since I think she prided herself on being quite a capable, decisive, and headstrong lady.  

    It’s possible she made the decision to leave Tenma mostly on her own, though.  Her father may have been overly insecure, since Tenma did complete most of the writing and research for him, after all.  She wanted to hold Tenma liable for the distress he may cause her father, since she may worry excessively about her father.       

    I think it was difficult for her to put any blame on her father whom she loved so dearly, and so she was more sensitive and prone to anger that Tenma was not providing the same level of attention and detail to her as before even though she was the one who broke it off with him.  

    Last but not least, I think she was critically humiliated letting Tenma see her fall apart without him, and she was willing to go so far as to harm Tenma to prevent him from seeing her like that.  So, Eva clearly had much pride and dignity that she didn’t want to lose. 

  8. Okay, this turned out to be a much more detailed post than I was expecting to write for Johan.  It sure did take me a few hours to get my thoughts to come pouring out, but it was definitely worth it.  *Sigh,* now I have to figure out how I’m going to write more introspection of this caliber for the next 5 characters. 

    How I feel about this character:

    Johan is probably the only villain I’ve ever claimed is both my favorite villain and character (Boy oh boy, I have a hard time articulating why.)  He is very infamous for being a very mysterious person and exceedingly challenging to understand, but currently it’s my job and Lunge’s job to crack it.   

    First off, I think in direct contrast with Tenma he is very guarded, deflective, subversive, and secretive like a seal tight ziploc bag.  I think if there were an actual monster inside of him, it would be dead or dying because of how suffocating his insides are, which would be the opposite of what you or I would expect, right?

    Also, I think that he is very much like a hot lava lamp, so he is kind of like that old thing that is left in the attic in actuality.  He thinks everybody should cherish that old hot lava lamp thing left in the attic.  Indeed, he’s right! Everybody does like it and many people have it, but nobody really knows why or remembers what they got it for exactly.      

    I think he feels like he’s not sure whether he should be glad he’s that thing in the attic or not.  I bet he even chose to sleep in the attic, the basement, or the closet out of his own free will every time he moved in with a new set of foster parents.  I bet they thought he was the most awesom-est non existent child they ever had, and he even tried to pay the expenses for himself like a well mannered non-important guest would. 

    You’d think these people wouldn’t allow a child to become too overworked, but noooo…he probably doesn’t even have a resume or anything like that.  He probably only keeps his list of achievements on a scrap piece of paper, and he scribbles things out in his sloppy handwriting so that people can’t understand what he writes anyway.  Sometimes I bet he can’t even understand what he writes, and I suppose this gets awkward. 

    I bet he can’t even be bothered to try to make his handwriting neater, and he may even like it that way.  I think this attitude of his is why he has problems with taking good care of things like his stack of personal information or any loose leaf papers that he tends to just let fly out the window. 

    If the pieces of paper somehow are able to fly back home, he burns them in punishment, and I am almost 99% certain of this.  His irresponsible foster parents are too fat, happy, and lazy to do anything about it. 

    Ironically, I wouldn’t be surprised if his foster parents got so fat and lazy he sometimes had to execute them in order to ease their suffering.  I am certain he could help them exercise more often, but he’s fairly careless himself and he doesn’t want to. 

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Johan has very fast metabolism, otherwise he’d be pretty darn huge by now; therefore, because he’s one of those lucky guys who almost never gains weight, I can only presume he must have a big ego to go along with his superior physique even though he looks kind of nerdy. 

    However, I can’t help but note that the tall, thin, and handsome nerdy types tend to have the biggest egos, but they may be very unstable or insecure to go along with the over the top big ego. 

    Also, I can’t help but feel like Johan is tentatively modern, edgy, funny, and cool because he would likely appreciate all the cynicism, snark, and sarcasm people like me and other fans use on the internet to describe him.

    Last but not least, I have no idea whether to say Johan is pretentious or not.  Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know…all I can say is that he’s an exceedingly interesting if not frustrating person to think, write, or talk about, though.  I know that Eva hates his ass more than anybody else, and I don’t know who to feel more afraid for Johan or Eva.   

    All the people I ship romantically with this character:
    I don’t really think anybody should be shipped with Johan romantically, except for Suk in a light hearted way.  The library woman would have been a very interesting match for him, but for her own sanity, I’m going to say, “Thanks but no thanks.”

    My non-romantic OTP for this character:
    I think that anybody who is awesome enough to stand in Johan’s presence without flinching or cringing too much would make a good non-romantic OTP.  So, I guess that eliminates almost everybody…

    My unpopular opinion about this character:
    I think there are so many things I could gripe about with the way Johan is portrayed in the fandom that just bugs me, such as BDSM, incest, nude fan art, hentai, moefied fan art, etc.  Cross dressing fan art is okay, but it’s certainly over used a little.

    One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon:
    I wanted Johan to talk more in the show, and I don’t really care if this makes him less mythical either.  It’d be really nice if he’d just sit back and talk to us about stuff…any stuff either alone, with Tenma, his sister, or anybody.

  9. Thank you very much for the requests I got on my other account my-bloody-ear! I had a total of seven characters I was requested to express my opinions about. (Tenma, Johan, Lunge, Christoph, Dieter, Eva, and Hugo Bernhardt)

    How I feel about this character:

    Kenzou Tenma is one of my favorite characters in the show that’s for sure, but why? I guess because he feels like what a good parent or any good model citizen should be.  I think the thing he’s afraid of the most of is losing his mind, his skills, or doing inane things like drugs or any sort of addictions or something like that. 

    Ultimately, he just wants to be on equal ground and equal terms with everybody, and hence why he sort of ends up with clingy people or being taken advantage of.  I think he’s often misunderstood by others in many ways; however, he’s simply more cautious and reserved, but he most certainly is not normally defensive, guarded, deeply insecure, or hiding things. 

    It is so refreshing that he seems to deeply believe that every good deed makes the world go around, and we humans are a welcome, very much needed part of its cadence.  He has a very lovely, healthy, youthful, and vibrant outlook on life that I think more people should take a page or two from his book. 

    It’s apparent he’s certainly the modest and selfless type of person who doesn’t crave material things or infamy, and he would rather exchange them all for smiles, laughter, loyalty, and companionship.  I would think he could relate very well with animals, children, and old people, and sure enough he nearly lost it when he was instructed not to perform surgery on a child. 

    I think these sorts of things are his biggest weak spot, but who the heck can blame him, right? However, it’s very sad to see him doubt his self worth or second guess himself, and you just want to scream at him to stop doing that! It just seems that he’s very sensitive at times due to his big heart, and it’s tough to make him snap out of it. 

    Overall, I just relate to him so much and so often, and he truly does feel like a real person to me.  It also touches me deep down when I think about how many people in the fandom feel this way about him, too.  It’s like we would all do everything we could to help get him out of danger or simply just to cheer him up. 

    I think we all deserve someone like him in our lives who would do the same for us.  Tenma most certainly brings out the best in us all, and I would go so far to say that I think THIS is the compassionate love that all humans are capable of expressing.  It’s really hard to say that evil is an intrinsic part of human nature thanks to him.  I feel that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself because people like Tenma are around.    

    All the people I ship romantically with this character:
    I don’t really care who it is as long as it seems plausible, and the person is a good match for him.

    My non-romantic OTP for this character:
    Seriously, he’s the magnum opus for non-romantic OTPs.  So, my answer is going to be all 7 billion people on Earth.

    My unpopular opinion about this character:
    He probably should have died or have been paralyzed after being hit by a car twice.

    One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon:
    It would have been nice if Tenma could have adopted the twins when they were children, and they could have lived together in a nice, cozy home.  Also, it would’ve been nice if both twins tried to become Tenma’s assistants…

  10. Monster Weirdness Tiers

    Each character’s weirdness is based upon the hypothetical question of will they or will they not smile attack a plant? Feel free to tell me which ones you think are the weirdest and why.

    Reichwein: Yes, because it’s an interesting experiment that will not work.

    Karl: No, he’s too busy, practical, and non-excitable to smile attack a plant.

    Dieter: Sure, he’d do it for fun to see if it worked at all.

    Tenma: No, he’d be slightly wary of plants attacking him back.  He can’t be too careful after dealing with Johan.  Other than that, he’s happy to smile at plants if it doesn’t hurt them.

    Suk: Maybe, he’d do it involuntarily if he were drunk.  Otherwise, who gives a crap?

    Schuwald: He’d probably smile attack a plant on accident since he’s blind.

    Lotte: No, she doesn’t have much of a problem with plants only gossip.  She would never manage to hurt them though…much if she did.

    Gillen: Yes, he loves making it look like he’s #1, and the plant wouldn’t respond back out of spite making him only #2.

    Nina: Yes, she would make the mistake of smile attacking a plant.  However, fortune shines down upon her, and her smile would make the plants grow.

    Eva: She would stomp on the plants if she could because they remind her of “life” somehow.

    Lunge: No, he’s too logical to smile attack a plant.  Unless, Tenma decided to smile attack a plant then perhaps he would, too.

    Anna/Viera/Maruska: No, she likes all plants because they represent “life.”  She cannot forgive Bonaparta no matter what, though.  At the very least, he can’t take her plants away, though.

    Grimmer: No, he likes to smile alot, but he has manners.  He’s very polite to all plants big or small, except for rude ones.  He rips those to shreds, and forgets about manners briefly…

    Christof: Yes, YOLO.  However, smile attacking a plant may or may not be one of his only weapons.

    Blue Sophie: Yes, she’s always picking on the plants for the heck of it.

    Chapek: Yes, if Bonaparta told him to do it, he’d do it without question.  He probably does it to retaliate against his one true weakness…plant allergies.  The plant allergies prove to be too much, though.

    Hartmann: Yes, when he’s lonely, but he ends up cutting himself like he cuts his lawn.

    Wolfe: Yes, he does smile attack plants, but the plant seems to be winning against him somehow.  Awkward…

    Baby: Yes, it makes him feel empowered every day to smile attack them senselessly…until the plants out live him.

    Roberto: Yes, YOLO.  His smile burns the plant to the ground.  Well, good thing Johan has his feels in a jar.

    Bonaparta: No, he’s the straight man of the group.  Well, the plants appear to be winning, since it seems he doesn’t like to smile much.  However, his smile causes plants to say absolutely nothing and do absolutely nothing making them powerless.

    Johan: Yes, YOLO.  His claim is that nature is EVIL, and humans are WEAK.  He contradicts himself impulsively all the time, however.  He waits patiently until the plant attacks him back but the plant is too scared and confused.  The plant is forced to attack him at plant clipper point, but they don’t respond.  He decides to take all of their flowers, leaves, stems, and fruit and grinds it up and puts it in his homemade perfume and make up.  He may even be an “expert” horticulturist and grows gardens straight out of dead people’s bodies…no one who would know this little tidbit would be alive, though.  He appears perfectly normal, and he is therefore not weird.  Furthermore, he concludes all life is equal in death and nearly gets away with it.